Gateway Guardians

Previously in THE GUARDIANS...

After a battle with DOC OTAKU at the renowned Sloane Expo, a new group of heroes emerged as protectors of the west coast metropolis of Gateway City.

SUNBURST – Solar-powered technological wonder

PURGATORI – Flaming heroine of Darkness

THE SENTINAL – Mysterious protector of the weak

COURIER – Deliverer of super-speed Justice

They were soon seen again, putting an end to a high profile bank heist and hostage situation, aided by the shadowy vigilante known as KNIGHTHAWK.

Alas, the heist was in part a ruse. The leader of the criminals escaped his incarceration and released the long dormant AUTOMATON back into the world. It was quickly discovered that whomever the mastermind was, they were using the newly reanimated construct to get parts need to rebuild the “Peace Ray”, a devastating weapon designed by none other than Nicola Tesla himself!

Though the AUTOMATON was defeated, the mastermind was able to get away with the needed part. The villain soon revealed himself as TESLA, claiming to be the long lost grandson of the famous scientific genius and threatening the entire city with destruction if it did not bow to his rule.

The newly dubbed GATEWAY GUARDIANS laid siege to TESLA’s headquarters. In the ensuing battle, PURGATORI killed the mad scientist and fled the scene in a rage-filled fit of turmoil.



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