Gateway Guardians

Aftermath and the Missing City

Now cemented as full-fledged heroes of Gateway City, Pinnacle Solutions founder and CEO, Jason Peak, secured ownership of the small island just off the coast of the City that TESLA had used as his lair. Dubbed THE LIGHTHOUSE, renovations began to turn it into a headquarters for the newly founded super-team.

In the meantime, other strange events rocked the city:

A strange cult attempted to summon… something… from another universe. Once again the heroes were able to protect the city, but this event would later prove to lead to even worse consequences.

A woman who could only be described as an “Angel” arrived, hunting the team’s former ally, Purgatori She answered the call, revealing a much changed form- that of a dark winged creature, both terrible and beautiful.

Yet, as amazing as these events seem, they had nowhere near the impact of THE MISSING CITY.

It seemed a normal day. The sun was in the sky and people were out to enjoy it. Many thought it was an earthquake. It certainly felt like one. But those who saw they bright flash of light from the upper floors of the Elemental Inc. Headquarters in downtown Gateway knew differently. There was a flash and the entire center of the city, a nearly perfect sphere, and everyone and everything in it, vanished! The pacific ocean rushed in to fill the void, flooding sewers and tunnels, and creating a perfectly circular bay where there had once been streets and shops and offices. the rumor is that what is now being referred to as “the Missing City” was sucked into the same universe that the cult had tried to breach just weeks before.

Within hours, Jason Peak and the Guardians swore to get to the bottom of what happened. He continues to assure that they are close, but it has been nearly six months. .



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