Gateway Guardians

Episode 1
A Battle of Ego

It was a calm fall day on the campus of the University of California- Gateway. The Sloane Expo was in full swing and the quad was crowded with booths dedicated to companies recruiting the best and brightest from the school’s prestigious Sloane College of Science and Technology. Although there were many exciting things to see, it was an ordinary day as far as the expo was concerned. But for a handful of individuals, it would be a day that would be remembered for some time to come.

Colin King was an ordinary young man. A student at the university, strange things had been happening to Colin, and he hoped that something at the expo might lead him to answers.

Chad Averic was the owner and manager of a package and delivery service with a particular gift for speed.

Mi Jae Swanson, young genius, was about to reveal what would be the greatest accomplishment of her career thus far.

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