Mi Jae Swanson

Genius Teenage Inventor


Mi Jae is the daughter of renown technological genius, Daniel Swanson. Before her birth, Mi Jae’s father was recruited by the Korean technology company, Elemental Industries. Upon his arrival, he met and fell in love with a Korean born scientist with whom he worked. they were soon married and Mi Jae was born. Unfortunately, while Mi Jae was still a young child, her mother fell ill. The death of his wife hit D. Swanson very hard and he did everything he could to be a good father despite his intense work in alternate fuel sources.

It did not take long to realize that Mi Jae had inherited her parents intellect. By her early teens, she had achieved doctorate degrees in engineering and physics. By the time she was 16, she was working with her father on advanced technologies for Elemental.

So far, her greatest triumph has been the development of the Sunburst Battlesuit- a set of solar powered armor.

Mi Jae Swanson

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